When I was working on my BFA in environmental design I met a woman who only designed one type of room – kitchens! I thought, How easy. Just focus on one room.  Forget about designing the whole house!

Silly me. the kitchen is THE room that demands the most from a designer. Its functions are complex and every square inch is filled with fixtures and architectural fittings. No wonder a kitchen design requires a specialist!

But I’m glad I started my life as a designer in the kitchen. It trained me early on to have an eye for the smallest details. It’s intuitive for me now, how all those details interconnect, creating a cumulative effect on a room’s sense of quality and resonance.

I’ve also had MANY opportunities to solve problems.

And that brings me to the purpose of this blog. 

Over the years, I didn’t grow in my abilities and solve all those problems by myself! I have learned much from my fellow creatives. So I want this blog to be where I can offer some of that same generosity back.

My hope is that Designing Insight becomes a place where readers can find inspiring, solid solutions to their own design problems.

I look forward to sharing my problem-solving design stories with you. I also would love to get your stories and feedback. If you’d like to contact me, reply to me via one of my blog posts or email me at cjporter9@yahoo.com.