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DIY Vertical Cabinet Dividers

IKEA kitchen BOSCH refrigerator stainless steel appliancesSo who has this scenario going on in their kitchen? It usually happens above a refrigerator or above a double oven.

It’s called The Place For The Forgotten.

This is because the storage spaces above the refrigerator and double oven are a challenge. They’re deep and they’re high.

For those of us who are like me… No, I’m not referring to being a kitchen designer. I’m referring to my stature. I’m short!  So I can only reach the bottom front section of this storage, unless I stand on a chair.

So for those of you ARE like me, a short or even normal height person, you probably have difficulty using this type of deep, high storage space. Most likely I can describe the interior of your cabinet. Are it’s insides a big old amorphous pile? And is it true that for the most part you don’t even know what’s making up that pile?

It’s not your fault. Who has time to be constantly climbing up and down a stepladder?

Designer Kitchens West Hollywood Miracle Mile Pasadena Beverly HIllsHowever there is a simple solution to this problem. This picture gives you an idea you’ve probably seen before. 1/2″ thick wood dividers creating narrow spaces for skinny things to lean up against.

It’s OK.

But let me show you the tweak I prefer.

It’s cheaper, makes better use of the space and if you know how to screw something into a piece of wood, you can do it yourself to an existing cabinet. (But I’m not going to show you how. That’s on you!)

Custom Kitchen Designer Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Pasadena, CAThis space above a Viking Range double oven is jam packed with roasting pans, cookie sheets and more. As you can see, the cookware is resting on its side just like a cabinet with wood dividers. Everything is accessible to us shorties! All we have to do is reach in to that lower front shelf, grab an item and pull.

But how is this possible? What’s holding the cookware up? WIRE vertical dividers!  If you look closely at the image, you’ll see them. They’re sturdy, but they don’t take up much space so they’re hard to see.

Rev-A-Shelf chrome wire dividersHere they are again in a cabinet  over a Bosch Refrigerator. This cabinet isn’t so packed, so the Rev-A-Shelf chrome wire dividers are easier to see. I took the photo from my shorty point of view.

While I typically see 1/2″ wood dividers  displayed as an attractive solution in a kitchen showroom, there are good reasons they’re not my preference. They extend from the top to the bottom of the space, with no room for a shelf above. Most items don’t fill that height. So the space at the top gets wasted.

Here’s what I do instead.

I specify 12″ high chrome dividers for my clients. I usually space them about 5″ apart, leaving a somewhat wider section on one end. I don’t like the skinny vertical spaces. They’re too limiting. Look at the photos and tell me what you think? Do you only want to be able to store serving trays and cookie sheets up there? Or would like a few more options?

Now, because the vertical chrome dividers do not reach all the way to the top of the cabinet, there is room for a shelf above. And while the items on the shelf above WILL require a chair or stool to reach them, they are no longer part of an overflowing pile. They will not be forgotten anymore.

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